Shwabe Kinetic Art - Scottsdale, Arizona

Welcome to the Online Virtual Art Gallery -

by Igor Shwabe

Background -

Born of Russian parents who fled their homeland during the Russian Revolution.

Igor's primary education was in England; after which he was awarded a full scholarship to study Architecture and Fine Arts at Ohio University. He completed his studies there and received his degree in Fine Arts cum laude.

Upon graduation, due to his creative talents, a private Bill was enacted by Congress to provide for his residency in America. Subsequently, he became an American citizen and a registered architect in the states of New York and Arizona.

What people have said about my Art -

  • "Igor's paintings are the promise of moving beyond Victor Vasarely's art, truly something powerful and special, perhaps something of the 21st century."
  • "I own a painting of Igor's and it is beyond what I was expecting, the shapes and colors are beautiful and it dances with the light"
  • "Your paintings grace my walls and bring a kind of magic to our lives"
  • "Inspiring artwork with geometric movement based upon my view and natural lighting... so attractive in my home."